“Gratitude for Higher Places” 11.4.19

The Bible tells of prophets and even Jesus Christ going to a high place to commune with God.  In actuality, the mountain in Hebrew has a synonymous meaning of the temple, a holy place.

I love going to nature to commune with God, and where I live, the mountains are easily accessible.  I have a favorite hiking spot that has become very familiar to me. I can hike comfortably and really enjoy the details of the trees and the nuances of weather, depending on the time of year.

I am currently preparing for a Quantum Leap, and I have discovered that as I am expecting miracles, I am noticing small details about myself that I have never paid much attention to before.  Of course, blind spots are being uncovered in the form of limiting beliefs, and something new…I am finding gifts that I wasn’t aware of.  

One gift that has always been mine, but I never considered it a unique genius quality, is the ability to inspire mutual edification.  Wherever I am, whatever group I am part of, I am uplifted and empowered at the same time that others are uplifting me. We rise together!

I never considered that part of my genius before, but I see now that others do not naturally create that kind of experience in the way I do.

Unmasking ourselves provides new consideration of our worth and value.

Even just the acknowledgement of myself in this way has taken me to a higher place. Just simply asking the question, “what is my genius?” opened the way to learning more about myself.

Phil, on our call, told of a mountain bike ride that opened a new view to him.  He was able to see the mountain as only someone who goes INTO the mountain can see it – with more detail and intricacy.  It challenged his skill in the more rugged parts.  He noticed that on the descent, he could coast, but needed to be more cautious to not crash. I suggested the caution on the ease after the ascent could be compared to humility and remembering the source of your success.

Judgement and doubt only exist in the valley.  When we go to a high place, it takes movement, effort, commitment and focus on the summit. WE learn the truth of what it takes to succeed!  Every step is a celebration that we are one step closer to our goal.  Every step gives evidence that we are succeeding!

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Celebrate My Past Successes On My Way To Higher Places

  • I am creating space to receive
  • I am ready for more
  • I am seeking a higher way of being
  • I am up to the challenge of a higher level
  • I am grateful for what is, and I am excited for what is being created
  • I am grateful for past successes
  • I am grateful for all my lessons
  • I am grateful for my ability to create my own life through my words and actions

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