“Gratitude for Group Gratitude” 11.26.19

I love interacting within facebook groups where the energy is positive. I gain new insights as others share their thoughts of celebration and gratitude.

The comments are not always as numerous, but they are certainly more positive than posts that carry fear or victim energy.

When we are together in a group who is sharing gratitude, it is inevitable that God, the giver of all, comes into the conversation.

Michael, on our call this morning, called it a Think Tank when we are in a group expressing gratitude – all together expanding the energy of gratitude.

Kathy brought some word play into it by calling it a THANK Tank! Our Daily Gratitude Call is a Thank Tank.

Daniel, one of our live callers, mentioned that his inspired thoughts were almost verbatim to someone else who shared.

When we are in the same mindset or vibration, it’s like tuning a radio station to a certain frequency where music is being broadcast. Get on that frequency and you receive the inspiration that is available there. It is no wonder that those in low vibration are blind to solutions and resources. They are not tuned in!

When we share gratitude in a group, we enlighten and lift each other beyond our own thinking.

It’s interesting, the phenomenon of sharing in a space of gratitude versus sharing in a space of pride. Mary, on our call talked about ‘one-upping’ in conversation.

In a victim experience or personal accomplishment experience that is being shared, there tends to be competition. “Oh yeah, wait till you here this!”

If it’s an experience of gratitude, it’s almost like a personal testimony of God’s goodness. it can’t be one-upped. My gratitude is part of my personal relationship with God. Your gratitude is part of your relationship with God.

The result, rather than one-upping how God has served me, is that in sharing our individual gratitude, both of us agree on the source of the blessing. In that, we are equal. There is no one-up.

We are both equally grateful and both equally blessed in precisely the way that was needed. Neither of us is taking credit of our own abilities, we are acknowledging the goodness of God, the source of all that we are grateful for.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Notice The Goodness of God

  • I express gratitude and love to the source of all my blessings
  • I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who desires my happiness
  • I share my bounty as an expression of gratitude to God
  • I anchor my gratitude by expressing it in physical ways that remind me I am richly blessed
  • I remember the source and express gratitude continually
  • I live in a space of gratitude for all the abundance God provides
  • I am quick to express gratitude immediately when I recognize God’s hand in my life
  • I remember the Lord in my thanksgiving

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