“Gratitude for God’s Creatures” 8.9.19

We have three cats, several fish and our yard is home to a multitude of wildlife. As I consider God’s creatures, they are friends who are really part of the family. Even the solitary doe who visits our backyard daily, is a resident of our home, just as our cats are.

Through God’s creatures, we can come to know God through new eyes. The compassion we feel when a loved pet is transitioning from mortality to immortality is no less sorrowful than with a loved family member. We pray for them, we acknowledge their lives as loyal companions, and their spirit will live always in our hearts.

Daniel, on our call, expressed gratitude that God chose him to be a compassionate man and a care-taker of God’s creatures. God assigned Man to have dominion over His creations. We all are care-takers for God’s creations.

There is no justification for cruelty. God’s creatures are creative expression, and therefore, an extension of God Himself. I am one of God’s creations and so is every other living thing on Earth.

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” -Matthew 25:40

Even meal worms have a place in God’s kingdom and are beneficial for the use of man. Kathy, on our call, mentioned how her brother is connected with scientific research involving them.

Service animals and police rescue animals are an important part of our community. We have animals to help protect us, to lift our burdens, to suffer for us in research in medicine, and even to give their bodies for our use to feed us.

With these words: rescue, serve, protect, lift our burden, suffer, and give the body… I can’t help thinking of the Savior, for He was all these things for us.

Is it possible that God’s creatures are just one more thing that point to Jesus Christ and give us cause and opportunity to prove ourselves worthy to be called His disciples.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Love All God’s Creatures

  • I give time to express gratitude for all God’s creations
  • I honor and respect God through my treatment of His creatures
  • I am a divine creation
  • I treat God’s creations with respect, compassion and love
  • I am grateful for the abundance of creation that is mine to enjoy
  • I feel blessed to know the greatness and glory of God through His creations
  • I love as I choose to be loved
  • I assume that God loves all His creations as much as He loves me
  • All creatures are worthy of my compassion and respect

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