“Gratitude for Giving It All to God” 11.5.19

I am participating in a 30 day challenge to organize my whole house. This week my assignment is ‘bathrooms.’

My bathrooms are the least of my worries! They look pretty good and as long as I clean them every week, they stay pretty straightened up. As a nearly empty-nester, I don’t have too many problems with messy bathrooms.

What I really need to put time into is my Family Room and my new Creating Space that I am claiming since my youngest daughter moved out. Now those need attention right now!

Or do they?

The challenge is that in 30 days my whole house will be organized. So is it absolutely true that my Family Room and my Creating Space are the most important and critical right now?

The truth is that I have contracted with a mentor to tell me what to do over the next 30 days with regard to my house messes. If I am not willing to listen and obey, I might as well just release her from my employ.

The same holds true when God gives us instruction.

The fact is that to look in my bathrooms, it looks organized. But there are some minor details (behind closed doors) that can use some help.

In our lives as well, we think the biggest, most major disaster area is the focus. that is what logic would tell us. God only knows where the real problem stems from and what Inspired Action will release us from our self-imposed struggle.

So I get to exercise patience.

I get to follow orders, to the letter, and peacefully and calmly allows it all to unfold in the proper time.

When we give it all to God, our minds are free to focus on Him, asking and receiving, instead of focusing on our pain.

My part…that is all that is required of me. Christ’s Atonement makes up the difference for all that I was never meant to accomplish.

If we can be perfectly obedient, we can not only lift and serve ourselves, but God can guide us in a way that we can lift and serve others. And vice versa, when we are following God’s Inspired Shortcuts, we cross others’ paths in the perfect way that they feel our support and we feel theirs. We become resources for each other. In this way – struggle is non-existent. We are mutually edified. I am a resource for them and they are a resource for me.

Only in giving it all to God can we be in peace, gratitude and love, regardless of our circumstances.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Relinquish Control

  • I have time to follow my inspired shortcuts
  • I have plenty of resources to follow the next step God has given me
  • I feel happy, relieved to know that only this one thing is required
  • I am willing to do whatever is required
  • I am receiving and accepting God’s guidance
  • I am living in obedience
  • I am loving and living my dream life
  • I am exactly obedient
  • I am in integrity with my highest self and God
  • I am joyful and inspired
  • I am one of the few who receives and acts on the inspiration to move beyond what I know
  • I am excited to see what lies beyond my control!

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