“Gratitude For Getting In The Flow” 3.25.2020

The flow of high and low vibration exists all the time. There are certain frequencies, such as radio waves, that if you drew a picture, would be above the earth. I personally do not know anything about HAM operators or radio stations.

However, there is a certain tuning required in order to access these wavelengths. Unless we know the frequency to tune into, we won’t receive the reception.

This week I have been thinking about elevating my frequency or vibration to be on God’s wavelength. If I can elevate my energy to be on His wavelength, then it helps me to understand better. In this time of uncertainty, I know God is not stressed, He knows exactly what is happening.

As we are consistent in our efforts to tune in to God’s wavelength, over time we see how easy it becomes. There are many different flows throughout life. We can choose what we give our time and energy to. When we experience living in high frequency, easy flow, it feels so good.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Live In God’s Easy Flow

  • I am in constantly in God’s flow
  • I am elevated above the current circumstance and see beyond
  • I am grateful for the easiness and weightlessness I feel when on God’s wavelength
  • I always make the best choices
  • I take action on every needful thing
  • I see clearly
  • I see things changing for the good quickly, easily, effortlessly
  • I can do it
  • I receive all the best opportunities

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