“Gratitude for Finding Balance” 9.13.19

Whenever I level up, I feel a little off balance, at least for a short time. This happens whether I am choosing to level up, of if the universe knows I am ready for the next level.

It’s sort of like riding a bicycle for the first few times. I remember being scared to go fast, but until I gained confidence in speed, I just wobbled and fell over. Deliberate movement and confidence helped me find balance.

I do yoga sometimes as a form of exercise and there are some poses (like Tree Pose) that require balance. But this balance is not found in going really fast, it’s found in being aligned. My breathing, my spine, my consciousness, my focus all come into play. With yoga, balance is all about alignment and focus.

Our body gives us clues when we are out of alignment. An emotion felt in the gut or tension in the shoulders, or irritability caused by insomnia. But what if we look even deeper? What caused the insomnia? What caused the emotion or tension? To find balance at the core, our core beliefs must be in alignment with the highest truth.

We are surrounded by natural flow. Seasons, sunrise, sunset, law of the harvest, ebb and flow. What happens when we resist the natural flow of things? Even an off-hand comment like: “I am not looking forward to winter” can throw us out of the natural flow of nature. We know that winter will follow fall. Yet for some reason we try to fight against it. And then we blame winter for our misery.

What would our experience of winter be like if we said instead: “I love fall and I anticipate that winter will be equally as enjoyable”

What is one area of your life where you have seen the signs, but either ignored or rebelled against them? Even blamed its inevitability on your unhappiness?

Patterns can easily be interrupted by simply welcoming, embracing the inevitable and finding our own balance within it. It is possible! And life is so much easier when we do.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Flow With My Day

  • I am at choice
  • I have the capacity to flow with whatever comes
  • I have many things that I can do to right now to find balance
  • I am naturally balanced
  • I am clear and aware of my clues
  • I am hopeful in the season of change
  • I welcome each season
  • I feel bright hope in my inspired shortcuts
  • I am joyful in giving my time to the most important priorities

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