“Gratitude For Feeling Of Family” 2.21.2020

Friends and family are the same. My thinking was expanded as I considered who is included in my family. The faces that came to me, were people that aren’t part of my blood relative family.

I don’t have a ton of really close friends, but the ones I do consider good, close friends, I regard as if they are family. If they needed a place to stay, they’re welcome in my home, if they need support, I am happy to offer support.

I am welcoming and friendly to everyone. However, some people are more on an acquaintance level and if I choose to give someone my friendship, I am welcoming them into my family.

Family can take on many forms and variations. Our relationships can develop and expand over time. There is a purpose to all our relationships. Some relationships are only in our life for a short season.

We each have a part, someway we can authentically serve. The effects of us fulfilling our unique part, can be felt throughout the earth.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Love My Part In The Human Family

  • I am fulfilling my purpose and mission
  • I know my part in God’s plan
  • I am a powerful to for bringing peace to others lives
  • I unify others through God’s love
  • I confidently expand and use my gifts in the best way
  • I bring peace and calm in every situation
  • I stand before God, confidently, knowing I have fulfilled my mission on earth
  • I know God places the perfect people on my path, and I successfully fulfill my part, and the effects ripple throughout the entire earth

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