“Gratitude For Drawing Upon God’s Storehouse Of Resources” 2.20.2020

After all the years of work I have done I was surprised to have the limiting belief of, I am not worthy, be the first thing that came to me during the meditation. I know the importance of my role and completing my mission and purpose.

Another limiting belief that surfaced was, I don’t know how to use God’s resources even if I did receive them. I definitely know it’s there, yet I think I need to have my own resources, before I go to God’s savings account. I have to completely deplete my resources, before I go to God.

I consistently teach my clients that everything God has to offer is ours. We are joint heirs with Christ. I know God’s resources are limitless, and they regenerate all the time!

There are obviously still some things inside me that need to be cleared, and I am grateful for the opportunity to draw upon God’s resources to do so.

There are a variety of resources available to us, both spiritual and temporal. Our relationships with people are resources. Some relationships last quite a while, and others come and go quickly. Spiritual resources allow us to access the powers of Heaven, to discover the connection between us and God.

Our part in receiving these resources from God, is asking and believing we will receive!

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Recognize The Abundance Of Resources Available To Me

  • I know God’s voice
  • I follow the light
  • I trust that God knows what I need and I willingly receive what I need
  • I ask in faith and receive gratefully
  • I clearly see the abundance of resources surrounding me
  • I recognize, ask and God gives freely
  • I am consistent and faithful and God loves to bless me!
  • I feel God’s love daily

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