“Gratitude for Daily Consistent Progression” 11.7.19

Words sparked off the page this morning as I considered what we would offer as our gratitude focus today.

These words:

Faith * Comfort Zone * Awareness * Small Things * Course Correction * Miracles * Choose * Evidence * Failure * Lessons Learned * Patience * Persistence * Courage * Intention * Way * Love * Motivation * Recognize Blessings * Committed * Movement * Present Moment

All carried a feeling that is associated with different parts of the journey that I and others I have served are on.

These states of being are all part of our daily progression. I am grateful for all of it.

The key to peace is being immersed in each stage fully, without the woulda…shoulda…coulda of the past or the worry and doubt of the future.

Thanks to Tammy, on our call show suggested that consistent daily effort produces small and simple steps. Doing our small and simple things consistently gives us the freedom (and permission) to ask for miracles.

Rather than planning a day to to eat the whole elephant, we can feel confident that there will still be more elephant tomorrow and that by taking a small bite consistently every day, we will be filled but not overwhelmed. That feeling of peaceful release gives God space to work.

To Rachael, I am so grateful for reminding me that this Daily Gratitude Call is a gathering for good. God is pleased and aware of us. I felt the truth of her words as she shared her belief that the Angels in Heaven are supportive of our work.

Mary, who has been a consistent Daily Gratitude Call participant for over two years stated that daily progression only happens when we are deliberately engaged.

Daily progression doesn’t just fall into place, it takes purpose and persistence.

According to Phil, one of our live callers, Scientifically, frequencies get tighter and more aligned as the vibration increases. In this way, we become more vertical, naturally aligning as our frequency raises in vibration (such as when we start the day with gratitude).

Perhaps the strait and narrow path is not so much a path, as it is a column of light that we automatically fit within when we are at our highest vibration.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Allow God’s Light to Fill Me

  • I am warmth
  • I am purity
  • I am enlightenment
  • I am god within
  • I am secure within the light of heaven
  • I allow what is and hold high anticipation for what is to be
  • I am grateful for what is and for what’s next
  • God is always in the same place, I always know where to find Him
  • God is consistent
  • I am in alignment with God as I am consistent and predictable
  • I eagerly align myself with God

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