“Gratitude For Culmination” 3.20.2020

I am so grateful for all the mentors, guides, and books, I’ve read over the past seven years. And also ever since I started having an interest in personal development, which was probably, 30 years ago.

Everything has built on each other over the years. What I currently feel is fulfillment and peace. I have been prepared for this moment in time. I get to move forward in love, peace, and service and I know it’s because of the preparation I have gone through, throughout my life.

As we make consistent choices, we can get to a point where we consistently see the wonders and miracles of God. We can find gratitude for all the resources provided us throughout our lives.

Points of culmination come at different times for each of us. We’re all at different phases of life. We can trust that everything we’re experiencing will culminate and all work together for our good.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Be Joyful In The Process of Culmination

  • I clearly see all pieces in my life working together for my good
  • Today, I set a higher standard of success, confidently raising the bar
  • I know everything I need to at the right time
  • I know my path
  • I am on the right path
  • I receive and take action on the one most important thing today
  • By small and simple, consistent means are great things brought to pass
  • I am successful
  • I am confident and strong

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