“Gratitude For Creative Change” 2.17.2020

I had some really fun thoughts today! Animals never get above survival, they go day to day finding food. Whether they’re sick, cold whatever, animals are driven by instinct.

Thinking about birds, specifically, they build their nests in a specific way and with certain materials. If the materials for that particular bird nest don’t exist in the area, they move to where they do exist.

They aren’t able to creatively make changes. Humans, on the other hand have many variations of homes and they are adaptable to change. We have the ability to be creative!

Whatever we receive, we have the ability to create fun and excitement! It’s fun to try new things and find what can be created with new.

In order to build new, many times there is a breaking apart of the old first. We can find creativity in the process of breaking apart and building new.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Be Creative

  • I am creating new memories through creative change
  • Creative change is fun!
  • I focus on and receive only light
  • I am happy, confident, and strong
  • I know what I am called to do
  • I have God’s power and light with me always
  • I claim my innate ability to create
  • I find joy in creating new

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