“Gratitude for Conscious Seeking” 12.3.19

We have so many resources…videos, audios, mentors, books, podcast…the list goes on and on forever!

Not having access to God’s infinite wisdom would be like having access to the internet without a search bar.

Trusting God’s guidance is a huge time-saver!

Conscious seeking means I have an inner knowing that I will receive exactly what I need AND that I will recognize the truth when I find it.

Most of us are perpetual seekers. We believe we need to keep seeking to gain more knowledge.

A wise man once asked Kathy, on our call a profound question:

  • Have you found what you are looking for?

Christ said seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. He didn’t say seek and ye shall continue to seek.

At some point, we need to come to the awareness that we have enough, we are enough, we are safe, we are found.

Today, I Give Myself Permission for Myself and Others to Be Found

  • Christ’s hand is always outstretched
  • I invite and share freely
  • I freely allow others the choice to received
  • I am welcoming
  • I radiate God’s love
  • I am a conduit of God’s love
  • I am in constant connection with God
  • God guides me well
  • I am an expression of faith in doing all that He guides me to do
  • I am deeply loved by my Heavenly Parents
  • I am clear on my Inspired Shortcuts
  • I am consciously living in alignment with God

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