“Gratitude for Collaborative Efforts” 10.26.2020

Collaboration takes action. It takes trust. At times it hasn’t played out for me in trying to create collaborations because the fit is just not so that we can put down our walls. Until I do something in faith and collaborate it doesn’t come fully together.

In my marriage we have a collaborative relationship. The more we are working on ourselves and our own inspired journey we eventually get to where our lowest lows are higher than many people’s highest highs.

We think we can run faster when we don’t have people hanging on, but it takes less effort to collaborate with all involved parties. Bring them along so you don’t have resistance later. Have fun discovering together.

Today I give myself permission to Jump

  • I get any of my blocks out of the way
  • I release and let go of any limits or blocks
  • Collaboration is the perfect next step
  • I know who to collaborate with
  • God shows me the perfect way to proceed
  • I am closer than I think
  • It is done and I express gratitude
  • I am arriving in completion
  • I receive whatever is needed
  • I continue to move forward with Christ
  • I trust the Lord and jump when it is time
  • Collaboration clears and quickens the path

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