“Gratitude for Clearing” 11.15.19

I put something in a drawer this morning that I literally haven’t opened for a year. I had the thought, “why am I keeping this stuff?”

If I assign a value to the space this drawer holds, based on the dollar per square foot that my house is worth, that drawer space is worth conservatively $162.00

Multiply that by all the drawers and piles of other stuff that has no usefulness or worse, is even taking away from my peace in my house, and that number could be staggering!

All things are related, so then apply that same analogy to my body, my schedule, my time, etc and there is probably a high percentage of stuff that is taking up space that could be put to more beneficial use.

We have been told that we only use a small percentage of our brain power. Much of it is taken up being trapped in patterns that limiting beliefs create, or junk that really needs to go to the dump.

Clear windows allow us to see beyond the walls of our home, to what’s outside. Mary, on our call, even invited us outside the walls to see even more clearly!

Thanks to Michael for inspiring the following steps to clearing:

  1. lift the fog
  2. know where we are going
  3. see the obstacles in our path
  4. GO!

I absolutely love the taste of mountain spring water, but I know that I need to filter it so I don’t run the risk of bacteria. Same principle holds true for our beliefs and choices. They may seem innocent, and even enticing. But the filter of intuition and divine guidance can help them be even better.

There is power in clearing – even when it feels like a disaster. Chaos comes before creation in all cases. A home remodel looks like a wreck until the day before the final walk through.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Wipe the Slate Clean

  • I have so much already!
  • I have plenty
  • It is the perfect time to clear the slate for new
  • I easily create space for new by generously giving of my excess
  • I let go of what is, and open my arms to receive the treasure God has in storage for me
  • I empty space to receive
  • I offer my excess to be recycled for the benefit of others’ creations
  • I am great at up-cycling
  • I love the idea of completing remodeling my life!

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