“Gratitude for Chaotic Thoughts: 8.14.19

As I consciously looked at my chaotic thoughts this morning on our Daily Gratitude Call, two questions came to mine:

  • What suits my desired destination?
  • Does this add, or does it detract?

The next thought that occurred to me was:

  • Who can I ask?

Of course, if I asked anyone on earth what suited my desired destination, it would only be an opinion. God only knows. And I have access to Him.

In my new book, The Seven Gateways – Your Map to Integrity in Life and Business the final gateway is The Gateway of Equity. Equity is the difference that Christ makes up after all we can do. That is the desired destination for all of us. But what is my part? What is all I can do?

Luckily…The Seven Gateways book, along with the North Star Navigator course asks the right questions and gives you the exact tools you need to discover that!

The beauty of having chaotic thoughts is knowing that if things are in chaos, it means something else is obviously at its completion. Thanks to Felicia on our call this morning for adding that piece of wisdom.

In the Bible’s description of the creation of the earth, after each stage of development, God looked at it and said “It is good.” Then he went on to bring order to more unorganized matter to create the next stage.

In each stage, it serves to love, honor and feel gratitude for what has been…pronounce it ‘GOOD’, and then move on to the next stage of development.

Our Gratitude Call is a layer upon later learning. (We learned on Monday about grieving what was and then moving on. And we learned yesterday about sun breaking through clouds, seeing the new light after a time of darkness.) In life, our learning takes place the same way, layer upon layer, and then, after a bit of chaos, comes the quantum leap!

Just as the children of Israel in Exodus, could have followed Moses directly into the Promised Land if they had been willing accept it early on, we don’t have to wander in a wilderness for 40 years. If we see our chaotic thoughts as evidence that it is time to leave our present state of bondage, in favor of a new level of freedom, we can intentionally and deliberately take our quantum leap into a new world of possibilities!

God can do wonderful things with a willing heart and a determined spirit.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Align with My Desired Destination

  • I examine each are of my life, and compare it to my desired destination
  • I am willing and able
  • I choose alignment
  • I am divine and God knows me
  • I am courageous and stepping confidently into a state of happiness, joy and fulfillment
  • I am liberated!
  • I am free to be me!
  • I am content with and fully engaged in perfecting what is
  • I am perfect in Christ after all I can do
  • I am committed each day to aligning with what I know to be the highest truth
  • I know my part and I do my part

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