Gratitude for Certainty

By Wylene Benson
April 1, 2021

“Gratitude for Certainty” 4.1.2021

Every experience we have is part of our progression and growth. Certainty that God is with us, that He hears and knows us. Gratitude is a way to show our trust in Him that He’s bringing all things together for my good and for the good of all.

He loves us all even when we aren’t looking to Him, He provides opportunities to turn around and look at Him. Hope is the anchor to the souls of men as taught in scriptures. Ether 12:4 and Hebrews 6:19.

Human books and products can lead us to faith and hope, but it is not The whole answer, because God is the author of all creation. Trying to create without God won’t work because it won’t have consistency or have a life of its own.

Today I give myself permission to be certain 

  • I am seeking certainty
  • I choose the path of certainty
  • I am certain of Christ’s love for me
  • I am certain of my gifts
  • I am certain it’s time to share
  • I am certain of wholeness
  • I breath into discomfort and the discomfort leaves
  • I am certain all things work together for my good
  • I am certain that there are people I have covenanted to help
  • I am filled with certainty, confidence, faith, and trust
  • I am focused on all my certainty
  • I am certain of Christ and faith in Him

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