“Gratitude For Awareness Of Space” 2.19.2020

The first thing I thought of was space, as in outer space. I let my thoughts continue and I wrote, space travel, space between earth and moon. I thought about how everything is perfectly spaced within the solar system.

We are the third planet from the sun, and that is the perfect amount of space to have warmth and not burn up.

What is perfect? That question came to my mind. What’s the perfect place for me to be, the perfect space between me and other people?

I thought of kinesthetics and intuitively knowing something. I played volleyball for many years and I played on the front line next to the net. You aren’t allowed to touch the net in volleyball. I got very good at the kinesthetics of being very close to the net, without touching it. I believe this is an intuitive skill we can develop, to help in whatever situation we’re in.

God and Christ give us perfect space in allowing us our agency in developing connection with them. There is certain space we each need as individuals. As we are in relationships with people, being aware of each other’s space is important in developing respect for the other person.

We each have a right to have our individual space. Being aware of our personal space and protecting it is important in taking care of ourselves. We can be grateful for the individual space we create. Without space there would be no room to create.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Have Gratitude For the Space I Create

  • I know my part and successfully complete only my part
  • I am at peace, knowing God is orchestrating and ordering everything in my life in the perfect way
  • I am grateful for my space
  • I create purposeful space
  • I clearly see the best use of the space I am given
  • I am aware and respectful of other;s space
  • I intuitively know the perfect space in every situation
  • God is putting my space in perfect order, just as He has put the universe in perfect order

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