“Gratitude for Aligning with Me” 10.8.19

My daily task and desire is to be in full alignment with the highest and best version of me. I know that when I am fully aligned and authentic to my true genius, spirit intelligence, nothing can touch me.

I only answer to God when I am in full alignment. I am impervious to the criticism of others.

It is a task, because it takes daily conscious choices. Even our home, habits, purchases, schedules and surroundings are under scrutiny. We could ask the question: “Does this align with the past, current or ultimate version of me?”

It’s like a puzzle, seeing everything coming together. As we change one thing, everything else is seen in a different light. I have been rearranging the furniture in my home to be more in alignment with my purpose and genius of using divine connection and inspiration prioritize my life.

Daniel, one of our live callers suggested a question to help us get started knowing who we really are: “What am I committed to?”

Another question could be: “Who am I?” “Who was I before I came to Earth?” “What are my natural gifts that have served me and others?”

When I am out of alignment, it is as Mary, on our call shared. We feel drained, tired, stressed. It’s like telling a lie, and having to keep up the charade. It’s so much easier to just relax and be me!

However, every time we level up or step into a higher way of being, it will fell a bit clunky to begin with. Don’t let the drained, tired, stressed feeling of being an amateur stop you from mastering a skill or concept that will ultimately become comfortable and take you to your destiny.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Make One Change That Aligns With Me

  • I am inspired
  • I trust my intuition
  • I know me best
  • I act immediately when inspired by passion
  • I am shown each step in the perfect time
  • I am easily walking my path and mastering each step as I grow
  • I see me
  • I know me and I trust God to help me become it

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