“Gratitude for Adapting to Change” 10.7.19

I am grateful for past knowledge that all things work out for the best. I have had 56 years of experiences that I can honestly say are all good.

Every experience that starts out with fear, tends to level out when we choose to enjoy the ride.

I love the analogy that Sean on our call this morning shared, of being a stream of water, and that a challenging experience is like a giant rock being thrown in. The rock makes a big splash at first, but the water flows around it, hardly noticing the rock, still going to its final destination.

Oh that we could be as adaptable as water, making the choice to continue on, rather than resisting change.

Coleen, one of our live participants, commented about a persistently pessimistic brother who just received the diagnosis of cancer. A huge rock thrown into our lives gives us an opportunity to begin seeing life in a different way.

Optimism is really all we have in the face of a fearful situation. Positive expectancy always plays out to our benefit. Even if physical death is the outcome of a learning experience, how much more at peace we feel as the stream continues to flow to its final destination.

We can choose to like or dislike our circumstances. Peace and Clarity come when we are present and allow ourselves to feel the waves of emotion that inevitably come with change.

Every new experience works out for the best. We see it when we hold positive expectancy.

Sometimes the rock gets removed from the stream. Sometimes it stays there and we just don’t notice it. Other times, the rock erodes away to reveal priceless gems that were covered by a rough exterior. Either way, the outcome is perfect.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Allow

  • I am creative
  • I always can use what I have for good
  • I have enough
  • We, together are enough
  • I do my part and leave the rest to God
  • I am patient
  • I hold positive expectancy for a beautiful outcome
  • I am grateful for additional experiences to prepare me for what is to come
  • I am grateful for my life in this moment
  • I am doing my best
  • I have faith in the eventual perfect outcome
  • I am present now
  • I am alive and thriving right now

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