“Flowing with the Four Seasons” 12/4/20

The year 2020, for me has been the most peaceful year for me that I can remember. I know that sounds crazy given all the turmoil that others have felt.

In December last year, I chose to flow with the seasons and the months of the year, the natural order of things according to God’s timing. I also felt inspired to take charge of our garden this year. And between those two commitments, I learned some all-important lessons about abundance and order.

Some of the lessons I learned:

  • Nature is very forgiving. If I forget to water a plant, it comes back pretty quickly after I remember
  • Most of the year, we are not required to work very hard. For the vast majority of the months, we are dreaming, planning, praying and celebrating in gratitude.
  • There is a time and space for all things, if we walk in tandem with the natural laws, life is easy. If we try to force the laws to bend to our will, we will always be frustrated

Plus so many more.

I am excited to share what I learned in my December Master Class on December 17, 2020 at 6:00 pm MST. Please join me!

I’ll be posting details in social media, and I’ll update this blog post as soon as the registration link is available.

My monthly Master Classes are always free, and anyone can join.

To get you off to a good start for 2021, here is a tip for December:

  • In December you will feel a natural desire to retire. Just like bears hibernate, and trees drop their leaves and go dormant, to flow with the order of nature, give in to your need for rest. Go inward. Hole up. Go deep within and allow your roots to grow deeper, so you can grow taller in 2021. There is nothing to do right now, so enjoy the season. Be conscious of what you commit to in the way of parties and social gatherings. Give yourself time to curl up, by yourself or with a friend.

I am excited to share more in this month’s Master Class on December 17th at 6:00 pm. Join The Lord’s Way to Wealth facebook group to always know about the Master Classes. Talk soon!