“Darkness Will Rage, But Light Will Win” 6.14.20

I am so grateful for receiving inspiration relevant for our times

You know how they say “hindsight is 20/20”, and usually it means they wish they had made a different decision.  Well, the past few days, I have been looking back over the inspired shortcuts that have brought me to where I am and the wisdom and order in which everything has been created, and I am seeing the hand of God in it all.

Even two days ago, I didn’t see that my Daily GPS process, the Trusted Influence Blueprint and The Seven Gateways has a framework around it that helps us understand and separate ourselves from the push for lawlessness and chaos that is happening in areas around our country.  All of it came together at the perfect time.

The truth is that we never had free reign.  Freedom is not free reign. True freedom has boundaries.  The affirmations of having limitless power and that anything is possible, I realize, is largely counterfeit.

What feels more true is that we are bound by a straight and narrow path that has solid walls to bounce off of.  On the one side of those walls of integrity, is our highest and best self who instinctively knows what feels right.  Across my path to the other side is a gracious Savior who is always there as a bumper pad to send us back in the game to try again.  Forward is The Plan.  The greater plan that provides peace and order.  Supporting us from behind is our Purpose that motivates us to continue, regardless of challenges.

And our Daily GPS moving us forward one step at a time, day by day is the straight and narrow path between these four strong boundaries.

We are boundless within this path.  I am on my path that allows me to be in integrity with me, God, Christ, and my Purpose.   Within these boundaries is total freedom.

At the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, people mostly feared for their financial security and temporal comforts (like Toilet Paper).  Now, everywhere, people are beginning to fear for their personal safety.   This the lowest, basest fear known to man.
The fact is – all that is happening is outside of our four solid safe walls of integrity.  God is in control within our four walls.  Storms may rage outside, but we are safe within our straight and narrow path of integrity.

It was never true that we were completely boundless, but it is true that each of us is free and has limitless possibilities within what feels like integrity to each individual.

Inside your straight and narrow path, the American Dream is still alive and thriving!  And if you continue forth with the knowledge that the storm is not part of your life circumstance, you will experience something that far exceeds anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

I rest assured and feel peace in the knowledge that God is guiding me on my personal Path of Integrity.  The storm around me is not mine. I put on the armor of God and stand firm in my integrity for my purpose, the greater plan, and Christ as my Commander.

I see the hand of God in my life.  He is still giving me guidance.  I know as long as I remain true to my Path of Integrity, He will guide me and I need never fear about the circumstances happening within the storm outside. 

Stay close.  The light of peace and order cannot help but affect the darkness outside.  The brighter your light, the less power darkness has.  This is not just a pretty speech, energy is increased within a confined space.  Heat and friction expand.  Light commands the darkness to flee.  

During the same time period of witch hunts, the printing press was being invented to enlighten the ignorant.  Wherever you are within the light of your Path of Integrity, God is still speaking.  Darkness will rage.  But Light will Win.

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