Your Daily GPS Box!

Start Your Day in the Perfect Way!

  • Learn how to use Divine Law to make your daily life the best it can be...
  • Discover your Divine Connection to God so He can speak directly to you...
  • Get your Inspired Shortcut to make your days turn out perfectly...
  • Find the Scripture that will empower you to live your purpose fully and beautifully every day...

Every Day Can Be Divinely Guided

The Daily GPS System, designed by Wylene Benson, is a joyful and inspirational way to begin the day. The journal is your path to expressing your soul's desires...and God's best plans for your life. 

Your Box Also Includes...

...the complete Daily GPS Course! With the course, you discover how to hear God's directions for you so that you can make quantum leaps in your transformation. Why wait to become the perfect, powerful creator you are meant to be in Christ? 

And You'll Get Prayer Power!

In your box, you will also get your very own prayer pillow, sewn by hand by Wylene herself. She sews these with all of the love and power of her own prayers for you. Prayer pillows make your Daily GPS extra special each day, and they can serve as a powerful reminder to do your Daily GPS when life gets busy. They are fully washable with a removable cover. 


For those who love their digital books and ebooks, the digital journal is perfect. You can upload the file into GoodNotes or OneNote and write in your journal with your stylus or Apple Pen. Take your journal on the go and never worry about forgetting to pack it on trips!



Hi, I'm Wylene, author of The Seven Gateways and founder of the Daily GPS and the North Star Navigation Systems. I never set out in life to be the founder of such profound personal transformation tools! Yet after my heart attack seven years ago, God spoke to me about what had been missing in my life and what I needed to do to live in the fullness of who He had created me to be! Then He directed me to share His teachings with you. I am honored and humbled to be your guide on this awe-inspiring journey of peace, poise, and hope. 



When you begin the Daily GPS process, you will find that this simple but profound daily ritual catapults you into new realms of awakening, power, and poise that you have previously only dreamed of. Below are just some of the transformative steps that you will experience as you pursue your life of purpose and fulfillment. 

Capture the Power of Habit Consistency is one of the most transformative habits you'll ever master. Your personal growth becomes like exponential, like compound interest, you'll find yourself a 'millionaire' in no time.  

Begin in the Transformative Space of Gratitude Through gratitude, you change your attitude, and by changing your attitude you change all of your actions, feelings, and responses. Gratitude also stops the destructive cycle of loss, grief, and struggle in your life. 

Pray in the Right Way to Get Direction Ever meet a person who always seems to have their prayers answered? When you learn the Daily GPS method, you discover how to pray so that you get the exact answers you need for your day. You'll have the confidence and knowledge to know that your prayers will be answered just as you have asked.  

Discover the Secret to You When you learn the Daily GPS method, you learn how to challenge false beliefs that that are limiting your growth. Best of all, you learn to transform them into new beliefs that serve you in living a life of fulfillment and purpose. 

Connect with Your Scripture for the Day oUnlike other methods that focus on devotions, the Daily GPS connects you with the exact Scripture you need, providing you with a direct communication line to the Holy Spirit so you can move through your day with poise, confidence, and grace. 

Track Your Progress, Your Goals, and Your Dreams Because you track each day's prayers, Scripture, and divine guidance, you get to see your growth and see how far you've come, giving you even more insight into how you can make the most of your life every day!


Your box is just $97.00 today! This is a savings of $100, only good for a limited time. You can get the course, the spiral-bound print journal, the digital journal, and the prayer pillow! No coupon code necessary. 

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