“Built to Last” 5.4.20

Three iconic Utah religious structures have undergone major renovation in the past decade. The first (photo below of the historic building ablaze), the Provo Tabernacle, burned completely down – on the inside – but the outer shell remained intact.

Below is a snapshot of the engineering miracle that happened shortly after the fire. By digging out the entire foundation of the Provo Utah Tabernacle, they were able to update to seismic standards and add underground parking. Astounding in and of itself, but consider that the building was over a hundred years old and had just survived a devastating fire!

See an article about this amazing renovation at this link https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/provo-city-center-temple-stilts

And now, this structure below is the new Provo Utah City Center Temple owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

As someone who has family history with the original tabernacle (my Grandfather sang there over a hundred years ago, and my personal graduation exercises when I received my college diploma happened within the walls of the Provo Tabernacle), watching the devastation of the fire as it gutted the building, and driving past it almost daily, watching the reconstruction, I have had lots of time to consider the beautiful analogies this experience that have been anchored in my soul.

I am who I am because of my experiences. I created my experiences based on my beliefs.

Eight years ago, I was burned out by the stress of living a counterfeit life devoid of purpose. I was left broken and devastated by a heart attack.

Then I began to re-build.

And not just to re-build to my previous best, but to a new shining example of the person I was meant to be. I too, was in need of a sturdier foundation, one that would withstand the earthquakes of life.

With God as my partner, we engineered a miracle transformation and now I am exponentially more useful and infinitely more happy than the inauthentic version of me from former days.

I mentioned three religious buildings. Two other temples that were some of the first completed buildings in the state of Utah (The Salt Lake City Temple and the St George Temple) are currently under re-construction to shore up the foundations and create a more modern user-friendly experience, and at the same time, return the structures to their original glory days.

All three structures dedicated to Christian worship are being reinforced to last indefinitely. And I am no different. My foundation is built upon the Rock who is Christ. And the principles I share with those who stand with me, are based in God’s truth.

Fascinating that the scriptures talk of the body being a temple. And today, as I am writing this blog post, I am comparing my physical transformation to three temples of God.

Gratefully, we have a sure foundation we can always depend on. And if we don’t get it right the first time, we can always renovate. This time, I am building on a foundation that will will never crumble. This time, I am built to last.

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